We would like to congratulate our following Furness students on successfully achieving the Lancaster Award:

Hannah Ruth Dengate, Hannah Gough, Shuai Guo, Mark Harris, Olivia Victoria Hodgson, Avirudh Kaushik, Robert Edward Lassey, Kate Elizabeth Lowe, Amanda Mason,Thuy Dung Nguyen, Rebecca Ann Nobes, Ishimwe Lise-Pascale Nzabamwita, Denitsa Emilova Paskaleva, Emily Jade Pollitt,Emily Rayner,Kristijonas Smitas, Kelly Smith, Tamerlan Suleymanov, Eryna Tarant, Katy Walls, Chu Qiao Wang

Two of our successfu studentsThe presentation ceremony will be held in the LICA building on June 19th, and the ceremony will be presided over by Sir Chris Bonnington, the University Chancellor.  The ceremony will be followed by refreshments.

Next year – let this be you!




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